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Individuals, families, and groups who are interested
in a life changing experience are welcome to join us!

We welcome you to join us on a house build, at our school or at our medical clinic. Short-term, long-term and volunteering from home are all possibilities depending on what you are looking for!

We have had volunteers from over 29 countries that have come to Guatemala.  Our volunteers stay in the picturesque town of Antigua either in home-stays, hostels or hotels.



We welcome you to join us and immerse yourself in village life while building alongside your indigenous "family". From Houses to Homes focuses on building homes for families in need in Guatemala. This program is unique because From Houses to homes is one of the only organizations where you can build an entire house from start to finish in just 5 days. You work with our team of construction workers to dig a foundation, build walls, complete a roof, install windows and a door, as well as put on finishing touches, for example painting the home. On the last day a short and intimate ceremony takes place with the family, presenting the with the keys to their new home.


Thank you for your interest in group volunteer opportunities! Whether you are a family, school, mission group or a business we welcome you to join us! Each group should assign a group leader who will be the contact person for the group. From Houses to Homes will help design the trip. The options for group volunteers are:

  1. Construction (click here to read more about building a house in 5 days for a family in need)

  2. Volunteering at our school – painting, tutoring, artistic workshops, teacher assistance (click here to read more about volunteering at KemnOj School)

  3. Volunteering at our medical clinic (click here to read more about volunteering at St Joseph’s medical clinic)


From Houses To Homes offers an easy, fun and engaging experience. Feel free to fill out the form click here. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested but not sure if you have time to devote right now, or have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



We believe that every child has the right to an education. Your help is essential!

Students receive a totally FREE EDUCATION thanks to the care, support and generosity of donations and our sponsors. Escuela Kemna'oj educates over 170 children ranging in age from Pre-K -9th grade.

Volunteers are changing the world one child at a time by giving their time and talents. The volunteer opportunities vary depending on individual’s skills and experience.


If you are interested in volunteering at our school please write to Julia Wild: .


This medical volunteer project aims to provide pre-medical/pre-nursing and medical/nursing professionals with a unique medical experience in Guatemala. Volunteering at our clinic is not just for general medicine and nursing students/professionals, but also for all those with health-related interests.

The volunteer opportunities in our clinic vary depending on the individual’s education, skills, experience and qualifications and on the our clinic’s current needs.

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Is there a volunteer donation?
Yes, to build a home, all volunteers ages 13 and over are required to make a $500 volunteer donation. There are 2 ways to do this. You may mail a check to FHTH, PO Box 85, Mt. Tabor, NJ 07878 OR you may go to our website,, click on the DONATE button and make the donation online.

What is the building schedule?
Volunteers build from Monday through to Friday

What airport do I fly into?
You fly into “Guatemala City-Aurora” airport.

Is there transportation on arrival and for departure from the airport?
Yes. You must provide us with your flight information which includes Airline name, Flight number and arrival time in Guatemala. Once you have cleared customs, exit the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign that says “FROM HOUSES TO HOMES”. If your driver is not there when you exit the airport, please give him 10-15 minutes before going back into the airport to book alternate transportation.

We will also transport you back to the airport from Antigua. Carmen, our Administrative Assistant will inform you of pick up time when you are in Guatemala.

What is the currency used in Guatemala?
The currency is “quetzales.” You may exchange money at the airport, however it will be a lower rate than if you wait until you arrive in Antigua. There are banks in the center of town that are open 7 days a week.

Do I need any vaccinations before I travel?
Check with your personal MD or a travel MD about necessary immunizations. Everyone should have an updated tetanus shot.

How will I get to the worksite on Monday morning?
You will be picked up from your hotel at approximately 8:30/9:00AM

Where will we get lunch?
You will need to bring lunch to the worksite each day. You can purchase pre-made sandwiches at several restaurants around Central Park. Café Condesa and Sabe Rico are some of our volunteers’ favorites! Or you can make your own lunch. La Bodegona is a grocery store, about three blocks away from the Park. If you are staying with a host family, they may pack you a lunch.

Is there drinking water on the worksite?
We provide you with bottled water on the worksite.

What should I wear to the worksite?
Anything you are comfortable in and do not care whether it gets paint or concrete on it. Light jacket or sweatshirt. Waterproof work gloves. Closed toed shoes like sneakers or boots. It might rain in the afternoon sometimes so bring a waterproof jacket just in case!

Where do we stay?
There are many housing options: Hotels, hostels, and host families. The price range is wide. Hotels range from $40 per night to $350 per night. Hostels charge from $5 per night and up depending on what amenities you desire. We can set up a stay with a host family if you are interested. A host family charges approximately $100-$125 per week with all meals included except on Sunday.

What is there to see and do in Antigua?
Antigua is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason. Famous for its impressive baroque Spanish architecture, this UNESCO World Heritage site has a wealth of varied sights. Here are a few of many sights there are to visit:

  • Arco de Santa Catalina (The Arch of Santa Catalina) on 5th Street. It is Antigua’s most iconic landmark.

  • Iglesia de La Merced - a baroque church that was built on the site of a monastery, established in 1548.

  • Parque Central (Central Park) - is one of the city's most famous landmarks and the first stop for any visitor.

  • Cerro de la Cruz “hill of the cross” - Walk up to Cerro de la Cruz, for the best view of Antigua (It only takes a half hour).

  • Palacio de los Capitanes Generales - From 1549 this palace was Central America’s colonial headquarters. After renovations, the palace is now Antigua’s cultural center and has art exhibits and live performances.

  • Casa Santo Domingo – It is a five-star hotel with a compelling history and today as well as being a hotel, it is also a museum, candle factory, church, chocolate factory, restaurant, and bar. The grounds are beautiful, with fountains, pools and tropicals birds. They also do a great buffet breakfast on Sundays!


We would love to hear from you. Please contact us to further discuss