Dr. Ana Luisa Ortiz, General Practitioner

Dr. Ana Luisa Ortiz, General Practitioner



Our Women's and Children's Clinic serves the low-income, rural and indigenous population in Guatemala with free medical care. The clinic is located in Pastores but also helps people from surrounding towns. On average the clinic treats 300 patients a month, usually 75% of these are women / girls. More than 30,000 patients have been treated at our clinic.

With roughly 15.5 million inhabitants, the Republic of Guatemala is the most populous nation in Central America (World Bank 2014). Guatemala spends the least amount of government resources per capita on health ($176 at PPP) than any country in the region (average of $436 at PPP). Guatemala's health sector is extremely underfunded and for this reason it relies heavily on nonprofit organizations like ours. Sadly some of the most common health issues that are preventable diseases are often not addressed. Chronic malnutrition, cervical cancer, diabetes, maternal mortality and hypertension are some examples of these preventable diseases.

School days are missed every year due to poor health and sickness, affecting children's learning abilities and progress.  At our school our mission is to also offer the medical care needed to the Mothers and their children by giving them access to our broad range of primary healthcare services.

Our medical clinic not only has a general practitioner but it also offers dental care and has a part time gynecologist. On average 15% of all appointments are with our gynecologist. 

our programs and Services

  • Gynecological care

Our medical clinic has a part time gynecologist. We provide pap smears and for example cervical cancer care (Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death among Guatemalan women. In fact, less than half of Guatemalan women have ever been screened). 

  • Dental Care

Our medical clinic has a full time dentist

  • Hearing and Sight Clinics

By partnering with another organization we are able to offer hearing and eyesight clinics. If there are complications for any of our patients we work on a solution to for example purchase glasses. 

  • Growth and Development Clinic

We regularly evaluate and assist children in their first few years of life who display abnormalities in growth and/or development. We conduct weekly home visits, provide health education for mothers as well as the medical attention needed.

  • Reproductive Health Education

We provide regular reproductive health education by organizing small group sessions. These are also conducted at our school. We sometimes do these sessions with just the girls. Every session is different and different topics are discussed. From general sex education to sexual abuse, the aim is to help and educate girls and women. Guatemala has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Latin America. In 2014 Planned Parenthood Federation recorded over 5000 forced pregnancies under 14 years old. For four out of five girls, their offender was a relative. It is important to us that women and girls are educated and seek help when needed.

  • Mother and Child Program

This program is all about educating and helping the Mother and their child/ children. We have small group sessions about hygiene and nutrition on a regular basis. The topics are often different and we invite midwives, social workers and nurses to lead these sessions. We also have our growth and development clinic which we run every 3 months. We weigh and measure each child and monitor they growth as well as discuss and advise Mothers on nutrition or dental care for example. 

  • Counseling

Our full time counselor works mostly with women and children. We often have some very intense situations that range from violence to trauma, from sexual abuse to grief


  • A $5 donation will cover the cost of a pap smear test
  • A $24 donation will cover the cost of vitamins for a month
  • A $30 donation will cover the cost of a food basket for a month
  • A $50 donation will cover the cost of one group session and one month of vitamins in our Mother and Child Program
  • A $60 donation will cover the cost of counseling for 3 months
  • A $80 donation will cover the cost for cervical cancer care.
  • A $100 donation will provide medical care for a family of 4.
  • A $350 donation will sponsor a woman and her child to go through our Mother and Child Program (sessions, vitamins and food baskets for 6 months)
  • A $1,000 donation will support 4 women or girls who are going through some intense situations. Your donation will allow them to go through our reproductive health education program as well as receive all the necessary counseling and medical tests/ medication.


Vitamins & Minerals:

  • prenatal vitamins
  • infant & children’s vitamins 
  • Omega 3s and DHA (for children and adults)
  • folic acid
  • Calcium + Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • iron
  • zinc

Prescription Medicines:

  • antibiotics
    • amoxicillin 250mg, 850mg
    • Augmentin (all strengths)
    • doxycyclin
    • Levaquin
    • ciprofloxin
    • cephalexin
    • penecillin
  • Antibiotic ear & eye drops
  • Other:
  • Allergyl (Diphenhydramine, oral tablets 25mg) and syrup
  • Acetaminophen in syrup (for babies and children)
  • Shower soap
  • Body cream
  • Hypertensive medication
    • propranol
    • Atenolol
    • Enalapril,
    • Lisipril,
    • HCTZ 25mg;
  • diabetes medication
    • glibenclamide
    • Glipizide
    • metformin HCl

Dental Clinic:

  • Dental resin
  • Dental amalgam
  • Dental glass ionomer
  • Mouthwash
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss

Medical Equipment:

  • medical masks
  • bandaids
  • digital thermometers in degrees Celcius
  • disposable gloves (Size "S)
  • Syringes 5 and 10 cc
  • gauze and tape
  • glasses (to support our hearing and sight clinics)

Dental Equipment

  • Analgesics (for children and adults)
  • Scalpel blades
  • Dental equipment for extractions