Education is crucial to the future of the younger generation of Guatemala.  Most of the adults have not had the opportunity to attend school. It's part of our mission to educate their children in effort to break the cycle of poverty.  Escuela Kemna'oj, our recently built school, educates 195 children ranging in age from Pre-K -6th grade.   Ongoing funds are needed to provide staff, books, supplies and meals.

Escuela Kemna’oj is located in Santa Maria de Jesus

In the developed world, many of us begin attending school at the age of 3 or 4 in bright classrooms filled with colors, shapes, books and songs. These happy days become a part of our childhood memories and the foundation for our social references.

In Guatemala, the situation is starkly different. Children do not begin their schooling until the age of 5, and few attend past 6th grade. Most stop their studies by 2nd grade, and many never attend at all.  High tuition rates and the cost of supplies is prohibitive for most families in the indigenous community; sadly, another generation of indigenous people is being raised without the benefit of education.

The vision of Escuela Kemna’oj is to provide education at no cost to the families we build for, and other members of the community as well.


How to Help

This program is possible only because of the support and generosity of our wonderful donors. You can help the children in Guatemala by either donating money to buy books and supplies for the school, or you can sponsor the education for a child.