Every year I take over 30 high school students from Atlanta to build homes in Guatemala. After 10 years and close to 300 students and over 50 homes, the trips get better and better each year. Not only are we (hopefully) making a difference for the people of Guatemala, but the trips have greatly impacted the students, many of which have returned with their families to build again.

We thought we would like to be a part of changing someone’s life for the better through FHTH. Little did we realize what a great impact is has had on our lives. Our student sponsorship and home building has given us a first hand glimpse into the lives of the real Guatemala. This has been an amazing experience!

Since 2014, teams of parishioners and friends have joined From Houses to Homes in build houses. The love and humility our volunteers take from this experience may exceed the delight that our Guatemalan friends enjoy with their new homes