Guatemala is rich in nature and spirit, but among the poorest in living standards. A majority of people living there are victims of civil war, hunger, prejudice, poverty, and ignorance.  We are there to help them...

We are a grassroots organization of like-minded individuals who believe in strengthening Family Unity and Community Harmony in Highland Guatemala.  WE BELIEVE IN: EDUCATION, HEALTH/SAFETY, EMPOWERMENT, GENEROSITY, KINDNESS, HARD WORK, TEAM WORK.  We build houses and provide medical care and education to encourage and support the community in the improvement of the quality of their lives.



We do it through You

Volunteers are the core of From Houses to Homes. Without a constant stream of enthusiastic volunteers, From Houses to Homes could not carry out its mission. Our volunteers find the experience so profoundly fulfilling, that many return year after year. Building along side the family, with the help of a few paid professionals, our volunteers work incredibly hard - and love every minute of it.


Can't volunteer?

We need your help in other ways too. You can help by donating in many impactful and meaningful ways. By paying for a family's bunk bed, wood-burning stove or a month's supply of food, you can feel confident that your money has directly & immediately changed lives.

We are currently funded only through private donations, corporate giving, and contributions from private foundations. The donations all go toward building homes, providing health, and education to revitalize the disadvantaged communities in Guatemala.