Every donation is appreciated. If you would like to donate to our general fund or you would like to donate to a specific project please provide that information in the memo section during the donation process.  You can choose to make a one time donation or a recurring donation.


Be a supporter of From Houses to Homes with your generous donation.

Be a monthly sustainer with a recurring monthly donation.


Home construction

Build a Home for a Family: $2000.00

Food For a Family: $30/month or $360 for a year

Purchase a Stove: $200 (To replace cooking over an open fire)

Bunkbed for a family: $200


Sponsor a student for 6 months-$360

Sponsor a student for 12 months: $60/month or $720 for a year

Sponsor one teachers salary: $525.00 per month

School supplies for one student: $100.00


$20 donation: will allow 4 women to have their annual pap smear.

 $24 donation: will cover the cost of vitamins for one month for 2 children

 $50 donation: will cover the cost of one group session and one month of Pre-Natal vitamins in our Mother and Child Program

 $60 donation: will cover the cost of counseling for 3 months  

$100 donation purchases medicine for 4 people

 $100 donation: will provide medical care for a family of 4.

$350 donation: will sponsor a woman and her child to go attend our Mother and Child Program (sessions, vitamins and groceries for 6 months) 

 $1,000 donation: will support 4 women or girls who are in crisis. Your donation will allow them to go through our reproductive health education program as well as receive all the necessary counseling, medical tests and medication.

 $3300 donation: will support the Mother and Child program for one month

Sponsor St Joseph’s Medical Clinic Operations  (physicians, nurses, support personnel, supplies)                                                                                        

One Month $16000.00

One Week    $4000.00

One Day       $800.00





Available Options to Donate:

  • BY CHECK:  Make all checks out to From Houses to Homes. Mail them to FHTH, PO Box 85, MT. Tabor, NJ 07878.  Please be sure to reference your donation preference, if you have one.
  • ONLINE: Click below on the "DONATE ONLINE" button. If your donation is to be dedicated to something specific please make a note in the memo section.  If you choose to donate through Pay Pal  click on the PayPal button. When donating through PayPal please check off the GIFT option to defray service charges. 
  • CORPORATE MATCHING FUNDS: Check with your employer to see if they will match your donation to FHTH.  Some corporations will double even triple your donation.  Check with the HR department to see what the procedure is.
  • GIFT OF STOCK: Make a gift of stock to From Houses to Homes with the added bonus of tax benefits. Contact Judy Baker at 973-214-1119 or by email to judybaker@fromhousestohomes.org.
  • AMAZON SMILE: When you shop on Amazon if you shop through Amazon Smile 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases will be donated to From Houses to Homes.
  • PLANNED GIVING: Consider From Houses to Homes when planning your estate.


If you are sending a check, please mail to: From Houses to Homes, PO Box 85, Mt. Tabor, NJ 07878-0085.

Please be sure to reference your donation preference if you have one.

Otherwise continue by clicking below.